RedBear Beacon Model B1

Our RedBear Beacon B1 can operates under two modes, broadcasting mode or maintenance mode.

B1 will enter broadcasting mode at startup, by default the green LED is ON. It will broadcast Beacon signal periodically. 

You can switch B1 to maintenance mode by pressing the button on the front, the LED will turn to Red. 

Quick Customization Guide

B1 Quick Start Guide
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Standard Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Chipset and Stack Texas Instruments’s CC254x SoC and BLE Stack
Antenna Type Multilayer Chip Antenna
Physical Range Up to 50 meters
Power Supply Two triple-A (3A/AAA) batteries
Current Consumption (average) 0.25mA
Battery Life 4500+ hours; over 1 year (operating 12 hours per day)
Dimension - width x height x thickness 25mm x 70mm x 18.3mm

Bluetooth Services

Under maintenance mode, there are four Bluetooth Low Energy services available.

RedBear Beacon Service  UUID: B0702980-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE

- for Beacon settings, more details in next section

Device Information Service  UUID: 180A

There are two characteristics you should pay attention to.
1. UUID: 2A28, Software Revision String
- this represents the software revision for the Beacon software within B1, the latest version is "20131128"
2. UUID: 38837046-FE96-4335-B751-D4826198F337, Device Name String
- you can rename the broadcasting device name of your B1

Battery Service  UUID: 180F
- showing the remain battery life as a percentage

- please noted that the Red LED light on B1 will keep flashing when battery level fall to 30% or below

Firmware Upgrade Service  UUID: E6775403-F0DD-40C4-87DB-95E755738AD1
- for Over-The-Air firmware upgrade

RedBear Beacon Service

Under RedBear Beacon Service, there are seven Bluetooth Low Energy characteristics.

1. Beacon UUID  UUID: 0xB0702881-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
- a unique 16-bytes value in HEX for advertising

2. Major identity ID  UUID: 0xB0702882-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
- a 2-bytes value, ranging from 0 to 65535 (0xFFFF)

3. Minor identity ID  UUID: 0xB0702883-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
- a 2-bytes value, ranging from 0 to 65535 (0xFFFF)

4. Measured Power  UUID: 0xB0702884-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
- a 1-byte signed value, ranging from -100 to 0

This is an average RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) of the beacon measured at approximately one meter from an iOS device. This is a reference value in order for iOS to determine the distance between an iOS device and a beacon.
- Please refer to Apple's AirLocate sample about how to obtain Measured Power for your Beacon

5. LED Switch  UUID: 0xB0702885-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
- a 1-byte value used to control the on-board green LED, either OFF (0x00) or ON (0x01)
- default is ON

6. Advertising Interval  UUID: 0xB0702886-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
- a 2-bytes value, ranging from 100ms (0x0064) to 10000ms (0x2710) on a incremental of 5ms unit
- default is 250ms

- the time between each Beacon signal broadcasted; shorter time will have better response time and accuracy, however this will increase the power consumption due to more broadcasting in the same period of time.

7. Output Power  UUID: 0xB0702887-A295-A8AB-F734-031A98A512DE
- a 1-byte value, four available settings: -23dBm (0x00), -6dBm (0x01), 0dBm (0x02) or 4dBm (0x03)
- default is 0dBm (*our beacon is optimized to run at 0dBm.)

- the output power setting of the Texas Instruments CC254x IC; higher power should mean longer range and higher power consumption.

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